Fringe Projection Simulator

Welcome on the Fringe Projection Simulator website!

This site is developed to distribute the free .NET software, written to simulate the projection

of fringes on three-dimensional models. Because it is difficult to simulate the projection of

sinusoidal patterns on complex objects, STL models are supported. This gives the user

the possibility to draw the objects in 3D design software of his own choice.

The aim of the software is to help scientists who wants to validate their phase

analysis algorithms in a more effcient way. The fringe patterns can be saved as

PNG files for later processing in mathematical software, e.g. MatlabĀ®.

The full code is distributed on the Github platform and can be found here.

(You will notice flickerings in the screen due to a bug in the software.

Though, this does not affect the working of the software.

If you use the software for validations or algorithm development please refer to my proceeding:

Ribbens Bart, Jacobs V. A., Dirckx Joris, Vanlanduit , Buytaert J. A. N..- Projection Moire Profilometry Simulation Software for Algorithm Validation and Setup Optimisation, OPTICAL MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES FOR STRUCTURES & SYSTEMS2 (OPTIMESS2012) - ISBN 978-90-423-0419-2 - Maastricht, Shaker publishing bv, (2013), p. 349-358