Fringe Projection Simulator

University of Antwerp

Acoustics and Vibration Research Group (AVRG) [English]

The Acoustics & Vibration Research Group central goal is to conduct fundamental and applied research in the broad field of Acoustics & Vibration, with special emphasis on Experimental and Operational Modal Analysis, Frequency-Domain Maximum Likelihood Identification of Multivariable Systems, Damage Assessment and Sound Quality.

Laboratory of BioMedical Physics (BIMEF) [English]

The Laboratory of BioMedical Physics (BIMEF) is one of the research groups of the Department of Physics at the University of Antwerp. The laboratory specialises in interdisciplinary physics research in the biological and medical field.

Current research topics include:

  • middle ear mechanics
  • biomechanics of skeletal structures
  • finite element modelling in biomechanics
  • vestibular and human equilibrium research
  • basic and applied research on motion and space sickness
  • development of electro-optic metrology systems for shape, deformation and vibration measurements

The lab is located at two sites. At the university’s Groenenborger site, the work on middle ear mechanics, biomechanics, imaging, computer modelling, and optical metrology is conducted. The research on vestibular physics and its clinical and aerospace applications is organised as the separate entity AUREA (Antwerp University Research centre for Equilibrium and Aerospace), which is located at the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) site.